Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School actively encourages and promotes regular attendance. Educational research has consistently shown that a student’s progress and academic success are closely related to good attendance and participation in the day to day activities of the school.

Notre Dame has a 5-10-15 Attendance System. All students are informed at the beginning of each course that 15 absences in a course may result in the loss or deferral of the credit. For half credit courses, such as civics or career education, 8 absences may result in a similar situation.

The 5-10-15 attendance system is for all absences (withdrawal from class due to lateness or for being out of uniform, illness, vacations, appointments, parent withdrawal, suspensions). Approved absences due to school activities (retreats, field trips, athletics) are not included in the 5-10-15 attendance totals for loss of credit. VACATIONS: Although trips and vacations may provide diverse learning experiences, the school does not support, academically, travel or vacations during class time.

The content covered in each course is important and requires daily attendance. While parents may choose to travel during the school year, the time missed from class is recorded as an absence and counted in the total absence record for the semester. A significant number of absences places a student’s credit in jeopardy due to course expectations not being completed and assessed. Prior to the trip, the parent/guardian must notify the school Administration and Attendance Office with specific dates of departure and return and the student must consult with his/her teachers and make notes on what will be covered in each course. Any assignments that are due while he/she is away should be completed and handed in prior to the trip to ensure they are accepted. A vacation period is considered an absence.

At 5 absences

In any subject, the subject teacher will contact parents/guardians to inform them of the attendance profile.

At 10 absences

In any subject, the teacher will contact parents/guardians to inform them of the attendance profile. An attendance profile, indicating that the credit is in jeopardy, may be sent home to the parent/guardian.

At 15 absences

On any subject, the administration will review, in consultation with the subject teacher, the attendance profile and make a determination as to credit loss or deferral. The parent/guardian will be informed of the situation.

Students with four (4) truancies or unexplained absences in any course may be removed from that course.

Student Absences

A phone call (or a note) from a parent/guardian to explain the reason for the absences is required for all absences. An answering machine is available for your convenience. If a phone message is not received (for full day absences only), we require a written communication from a parent/guardian on the day the student returns to school by 8:00 a.m.

All absences from school must be justified by parents or guardians, at the time of the absence, not days, weeks, or months later. The Attendance Office will not be accepting parental notes after the fact.

Students who are 18 years of age and older must complete the NOTE SIGNING PERMISSION FORM in order to sign their own notes with permission of the administration. Students will then be allowed to sign themselves into or out of school only if they have an appointment or are ill. NOTE: A limit of 8 S18s are allowed per semester. Administration reserves the right to remove this privilege if deemed necessary.

Sign Outs

Students who must leave school before the end of the day are requiredto sign out at the attendance office. Students, under 18 years of age,will require the permission of their parents/guardians in order to sign out. Students are to submit notes for early dismissal to the attendance office prior to 8:30 a.m. on the day of the appointment. Telephone calls/notes may NOT be accepted after the absence occurs. When students becomes ill while at school they must report to the Attendance Office. Students must not leave the school premises without reporting to the Attendance Office first.

Students who miss class without an acceptable reason from their parent/guardian, will be recorded as truant.

Missed Examinations, Culminating Activities, Tests and Assignments

Students are responsible for all course work and assignments while absent.

i) Any examination validated by a doctor’s note may be rescheduled.

ii) Any examination missed due to vacation or truancy may not be rescheduled, and may be assigned a mark of zero (0).

NOTE: Illness substantiated by a doctor’s note is the only acceptable reason for missing an examination. All notification of absence due to vacation or family trip must be submitted in writing to the Principal or Vice-Principal.


If students are not in their period 1 class at the start of Morning Prayer they are late.

stop all movement and conversation in class and in the halls when the prayer begins remain still and quiet until the conclusion of the National Anthem report directly to your period 1 class after 9:00 a.m. report to the Attendance Office

persistent lateness will be dealt with in accordance with Notre Dame’s Late Policy

if the student is more than 20 minutes late for any class, the class will not be disturbed, and the student will NOT be admitted. This will be marked as an absence. The student must report to the Attendance Office.

at the 5th late in a particular class the student will not be admitted. He/she will be marked LATE – NO CLASS and the parents will be informed. Similarly, each subsequent late will also be LATE – NO CLASS and will be counted as an absence

persistent lateness could result in suspension from school

Late Policy Occurences

  • 1–3 Subject teacher speaks with student First 20 minutes student admitted to class After 20 minutes student NOT admitted to class and late treated as a truancy. Student reports to the Attendance Office.
  • 4 Teacher contacts home
  • 5 Referral to Vice-Principal with Late Record form Student not admitted to class Parental contact
  • 6 Student not admitted to class. Parental contact by Vice-Principal. Report to the Attendance Office
  • 7 Student is withdrawn from all classes for entire day
  • 8 One day out-of-school suspension
  • 9 Two day out-of-school suspension
  • Subsequent Incremental suspensions out-of-school