Communication between the home and the school remains a top priority for Notre Dame.  This new website should enable parents to become more aware of what goes on at Notre Dame on a week to week if not day to day basis. In addition, our teaching staff have committed to using the class portal as a means of providing you, the parent, with course information, including assigned homework, assignments, test dates etc.

It is imperative that parents are able to access the following:

  1. Student timetables – SIS link under right side of banner
  2. Student attendance by period by day – SIS link
  3. Student accumulated credits and marks –  SIS link

As you know, a website is only successful if it is timely and properly maintained. It is our goal to maintain this site so that more and more staff and students at Notre Dame can contribute. Notre Dame is dedicated to providing the resources necessary to make this means of communication an effective site for much of the information which parents need. It is our hope that this site will provide an easy and accessible method for the school to communicate with its school community.

Please feel free to contact the school with any suggestions that could help improve our communication.

We will continue to make Notre Dame a “great place to be” for all of our students.


A. Cordeiro