GDepartment Leadership Positions

Mr. A. Little-Velianou Guidance/Co-op
Ms. M. Messinger Librarian
Mr. J. Barbati Arts/Business
Mrs. C. Obrovac Canadian and World Studies
Mrs. L Raposo English/Moderns/ESL
Ms. S. Armstrong Mathematics
Mr. D Montoya Physical Education
Mr. M. Shaw Religion/Social Science/Humanities
Mr. D. Agro Science
Ms. D. Piantoni Special Education
Mr. A. Pugliese Technological/Computer Studies

Extra Academic Help Available

Licensed 2 Learn (L2L) Tutoring Program

What is the L2L Tutoring program? This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to receive academic support at no financial cost.  We strongly recommend this for any student who is experiencing challenges in the classroom to enhance their levels of achievement.  – read more

General information on either needing a Tutor or being a Tutor.  L2L Tutoring Program General Information

“I need a Tutor” – fill out the following form and bring this into student services – request form