The Co-op program is an opportunity for students to integrate academic study with practical experiences in various career fields. To participate in this program, students must have successfully completed 16 credits.

Our Co-op program gives students the opportunity to “preview a career.”  Students will have an opportunity to discover the variety of options available to them in the world of work, enhance their post secondary application, develop employability skills, leadership skills and entrepreneurial attitude and explore personal interests, abilities and values.



2017/2018 School Year – Cooperative Education Application Form 

Co-op Application Form



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Mrs. Gatza
ext 1052
Mr. Barbati
ext 1202

MAY 2018 – Regional/Competitive Co-op Placement Info for the 2018-2019 School Year

The time has come for students to organize themselves for the 2018-2019 competitive co-op placements. Please get your resumes together and see Mr. Barbati or Mrs. Gatza in the co-op office if you are interested in applying for the following placements. Remember, students are responsible for their own transportation.

There are specific application forms, deadlines and procedures for each of these co-op placements. Please contact a co-op teacher to receive the entire application package. We will email it to you!  See attachment for more specific details.

HIEC Co-op Placements (Sem #2)

There are two HIEC co-op placements available for semester 2 co-op. Please see the attached job descriptions. Both positions are available to morning and afternoon students. Please see a co-op teacher asap if you are interested in applying to this (or other) co-op positions.

Career Centre Assistant

Events, Communications, and Fundraising Assistant

Joseph Brant Co-op Placements (Sem #2)

Any co-op students who are interested in applying to a semester two co-op placement at Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital must see a co-op teacher asap. There are three possible placements. Co-op applications are due by Friday, December 22 at 10am, to the ND co-op office. Interviews will take place the week of January 15th.

The three co-op placements are:

1) Eating Matters and Physiotherapy – 1 AM and 1 PM student Physiotherapy

(Please note that students interested in the EMP program, will need to start at 8:00am for the morning placement and 12:00pm for the afternoon placement to coincide with the patient meals)

2) Maternal and Child Unit (MACU) – 1 student

3) Wellness House – 1 AM and 1 PM student

Students must complete:

1. A cover letter addressed to the appropriate supervisor (a copy for each placement for which the student is applying)
2. A resume for each placement
3. Application form

Also, Joseph Brant’s immunization form must be completed by students before beginning their placement.

Joseph Brant Hospital – Application Form

Joseph Brant Hospital –  MACU Co-op

Joseph Brant Hospital – Therapeutic Recreation Wellness House Co-op

Joseph Brant Hospital – EMP Physio Co-op

Communicable Disease Surveillance Record


 2016-17 Semester One Cooperative Education Employers    

About Town Sutton Realty

Air Whilstle Media

Beckett, Lowden & Read Accounting

Big Drum Inc.

Bunzl Canada

Computer Corner

Etratech inc.

Fate Hair Salon

Fielding Dental

Food Basics Supermarket

Great Lakes Combustion

Halton Industry Education Services

HCDSB Technology Department

Head to Foot Oasis

Home Depot

Judge and Jury

Kovachik Aircraft Services Limited

Longo’s Supermarket

ND Manufacturing

No Excuse Boxing Gym

Ron Edwards YMCA

Royal Botanical Gardens

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic

Simpson Wigle Law

St. Timothy

TJ’s Fireplaces

Total Image Hair Salon

Vine Images

West 49

WIDEX Canada

YMCA Childcare Centre