Student Responsibilities:

  1. The student shall abide by the rules, regulations and policies of the employer during his/her period of training.
  2. In the event of absence caused by illness or emergency, the student must notify the employer, the Notre Dame Attendance office and the coop teacher as soon as possible.
  3. The student will provide his/her own transportation to and from his/her placement. It is a recommendation of the school that public transit be used. If you choose to drive a vehicle to work you must be covered by your own/family insurance.
  4. The student will be honest, punctual, cooperative and courteous, willing to learn and will remain in full attendance during the entire training period.
  5. The student is responsible for completing weekly Time Cards to be signed by the employer each week. These are due to the coop office no later than Wednesday of the following week for full marks. Late time cards receive a mark of zero.
  6. The student must attend all integration classes during the semester and complete all assignments prior to obtaining credits for this course.

School Responsibilities:

  1. The teacher, in conjunction with the employer, will develop a Personalized Placement Learning Plan which will outline the tasks that the student will perform as they relate to a specific school subject. This will form the basis of the student’s evaluation by the employer.
  2. The teacher will make regular visits to the student’s placement and consult with the student and employer regarding tasks being learned and performed as well as any problems which might arise.
  3. The teacher is responsible for reviewing the evaluations of students done by the employers.

Employer Responsibilities:


  1. The employer assumes the responsibility of providing the student with the proper training as outlined in the Personalized Placement Learning Plan.
  2. The employer will submit a midterm and final evaluation of the student.
  3. The employer will maintain ongoing supervision of the student. Employers will meet with the student regularly to assess student progress and areas needing improvement.
  4. The participating placement is not committed to any kind of financial remuneration to the student during the length of the cooperative education course. 

    ** If you plan on taking co-op next year, be sure to complete the following form and bring this back to the Co-op office A.S.A.P

    Co-op 2017/2018 School Year – Cooperative Education Application Form 

    Co-op Application Form