Mathematics is a very important part of our education system. Math is about solving problems – it teaches you to analyze a situation, work through a solution and arrive at a logical conclusion. It is required by colleges and universities for some programs you wouldn’t immediately think of such as Concurrent Education at Brock University and Pre-service Fire Fighter Education Training at Conestoga College. See your Math Teacher or Guidance Counsellor to help you choose the right pathway!


Mohawk College and Notre Dame conbine for new math credit:

“Geometer’s Sketchpad” graphing software is provincially licensed for educational use.  Students can sign out a copy of the software on CD from the school library to take home.

Math Contests

 University of Waterloo, Grade 9 (Pascal)     February 20, 2014
 University of Waterloo, Grade 10 (Cayley)     February 20, 2014
 University of Waterloo, Grade 11 (Fermat)     February 20, 2014
 Euclid Contest     April 15, 2014

EQAO Semester 1
(grade 9) will be written on January 16, 2014

Helpful Links

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