“Youth are more likely to succeed in school when their parents are involved in their education and school”.

Parent News

  • Halton Region presents Resources for Parents
  • Attendance – report all absences to the Attendance Office at (905) 335-2254 or nd.attendance@hcdsb.org. Please review our Attendance Policy.
  • Extra Academic help for your child – Visit the Academics page for a list of extra help available at the school and online.
  • Change of address, phone numbers, email address should be made with the guidance secretary Ms. Davis at 905 335-1544.
  • Personal Cheques – All personal cheques to the school must be made payable to the school’s full name, Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School, abbreviations will not be accepted.
  • Opportunity for Sponsorship – would you or your business be willing to sponsor one of our Graduation Awards?  A new award can be created to commemorate a special event, a business, or person of your choosing.  Contact Mrs. Little if you are interested.
  • Youth and Family Support Resources – visit the Medical, Health & Safety page for a list of phone numbers and websites.
  • School Council meetings are held in the school library.  All parents/guardians are welcome to attend.  Visit the School Council page for more information.
  • Peabutter/Sunbutter Spreads – These products are almost identical in colour, consistency, smell and taste to peanut butter. Schools cannot be expected to monitor for student safety when it is impossible to differentiate between the two. Therefore, the Board is requesting that parents do not send their children to school with look alike products to peanut butter, until the products are available in a colour other than tan.

Parenting Resources


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