1. Talking to your teen about their school day – which teacher teaches which subject, what they learned in each subject etc.
  2. Volunteering for a school breakfast program and/or assisting with fundraisers – getting involved where you can and when you can.
  3. Communication between school and home, teachers and parents –  contacting teachers through the main office, obtaining their email through school website,
  4. Join school council or a committee – be upfront and realistic about your time.  Even if you attend a school council meeting a couple times a year, it could help keep you updated on things happening in the school and current plans.
  5. Attending parent/teacher interviews – How is your teen progressing to date? Are there areas for improvement?  Attending Curriculum Night- What is your teen studying this semester?
  6. Checking the Student Information System (SIS) – for your child’s period by period attendance updates, report card marks and time tables.
  7. Make attending school events a priority – this can be anything from a school fundraising event to a school play
  8. Read the same book your child has to read for English – This give you a great opportunity to discuss things together and also learn from your child’s insights
  9. Providing parent voice/feedback when the opportunity arises – being part of parent focus groups to provide parent perspective and issues of concern, completing school survey (Tell Them From Me fall 2015).

Click here for the HCDSB Brochure on Parent Engagement