Staff Advisors


Art Club

Ms. Tolan & Ms. Power

Work collaboratively in teams, students will work on a year
project that will be featured at the spring show.  This year we are working on wearable art with an environmental theme.


Tech Crew

Mr. G. Maciesowicz

The Tech Crew is responsible for setting up and operating audio-visual equipment wherever needed in the ND school community.  We are at school masses, assemblies, sports events and coffee houses.

Best Buddies

Mrs. Sneyd

Ms. Vanderkooy

Best Buddies is a club which aims to encourage student engagement through year round activities by fostering friendships and celebrating the beauty of individual exceptionalities. We are dedicated to ensuring that each and every student in our building is able to share in the same rich experiences available to every single member of the Notre Dame community.

Business Leadership

Mr. Barbati

Ms. Power

The Senior Business Leadership Club provides valuable opportunities for experiential learning, opportunities that will be tremendous benefit to students in preparation for their post-secondary years. Members work collaboratively to accomplish a variety of tasks, and in doing so will show their true leadership potential. Members are responsible for planning, organizing, and leading several significant school-wide leadership events here at Notre Dame. 

Chess Club

Mr Giardina /

Mr Cychner

ND’s Chessboards get put to good use!   Look for ‘Chess in the Spectrum’ every Tuesday and Thursday during Lunch!  Look for after school Chess to begin in October,  with an eye towards bringing home the HCDSB Chess Championship!

Concert Band

Mr. Castiglione

Students with a performance background, in almost any nstrument, meet twice per week(Monday and Thursday) to share in the enjoyment and development of general musicianship. A wide range of genres are covered with the goal of performing at various school related and/or out of school performance venues.

Culture of Life

Mr. G. Maciesowicz

The Culture of Life Club is committed to building a deep respect for the dignity and value of human life from conception to natural death.  We advocate, support and inform, with particular emphasis on the pre-born (beginning of life), the sick and elderly (end of life) and chastity (built on the teachings of our Catholic faith).

Culinary Arts Club

Mrs. Dussin

Cooking with students is a great way to educate them about good nutrition, what’s in season, planning and preparing meals safely and reading food labels. Plus, it can encourage students to eat healthy foods. Cooking may even help get students interested in trying healthy foods they might normally refuse to eat. Our school has a school garden so we will collaborate with the Horticulture club and use whatever fresh herbs and vegetables are available. Expand your horizons by getting involved in the kitchen through a healthy cooking club! The best tasting club at ND!

The Club will run Tuesdays from 2:30-4:00 starting October 16, 2018


Mr. Giusti

DECA is the premiere international organization for aspiring business, marketing, law and entrepreneurship students.

If you are interested in pursuing a business career or would like to develop your presentation, analytical and business skills in a constructive and positive competitive format while building up your business network, DECA is the place for them.

Members compete at Regionals, Provincials, and Internationals in a business case study competition, for awards and scholarships as well as in a variety of business paper competitions.  Employers, universities, and colleges alike recognize the achievements of DECA members.

Drama Club

Ms. Paradis

The Drama Club is dedicated to bringing the joy and power of Drama to students by providing high quality dramatic programming at the beginner and intermediate levels. It pledges to offer participants the chance to experience the excitement and rewards of theatre arts while developing poise, social skills,
confidence and the ability to work with others.

Environmental Club (Green Squad)

Ms. Raso

The ND Green Squad works together to improve the environmental quality of our lives by educating, encouraging and participating in events throughout our school and community to practice environmentally conscious habits.  

French Club

Mme. Tambasco,
Mme. Tayler, Mme. Gautreau, Mme. Acacio 

 This clubs helps students who would like help with their French class or would like to simply improve their French skills.

French AP/DELF club

Mme. Tambasco,
Mme. Tayler, Mme. Gautreau, Mme. Acacio

This club helps students who are interested in writing the French AP or the DELF exam. As a member of this club, students will have access to study resources and to past exams in order to be successful in their respective exams. 

ND International Students Club

Ms. Vanderkooy

Ms. Briggs

ND International is a club designed to help our international
enjoy the most immersive experience they can in their time here at Notre Dame. We create opportunities to improve language skills, share and celebrate cultural traditions, and generally have just a whole lot of fun!  


Mr Giardina

 InsideND is our web-enabled, School Newspaper 2.0. We publish all of the news and stories coming out of ND on a monthly basis.  We are always looking for talented authors and photographers to join the InsideND Collective!
Visit us at or follow us on Instagram

Irish Athletics Assoc.

Mr. Montoya

We support athletics, events and fundraisers at ND.  We meet twice a month.

Kind Minds

Mrs. Pietroiusti

It is the mission of the kiND miND’s Wellness Committee to assist in cultivating a positive atmosphere within the Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School community, one which brings awareness, and removes stigma surrounding mental health in and outside our school community. Schools are an ideal place to help promote and support student mental health and well-being by educating, empowering and equipping students with tools to be their best self physically, socially and emotionally. kiND miND’s focuses on inspiring the individual student, and hopes this
focus will act as small step towards promoting a welcome and inclusive community where everyone belongs.

Math Contests

Ms. Armstrong

The University of Waterloo runs various math contests throughout the year.  At Notre Dame, we will run the Grade 9/10/11 contests on Feb.26 and the Grade 12 contest on Apr.3.  If there is student interest, other contests are available, as well as the opportunity for contest preparation sessions.  See for contest dates and details.  Sign up on the Remind app using class code @h2e87k so you don’t miss sign up information.

Manufacturing Club

Mr. Vicic

Students will be making a candle stand. Skills learned will be fabrication of metals, welding and decoration of the project.


(Make it Happen)

Chaplain Wayne & Mrs. Bolton

This group meets every Wednesday at 8 am in the Lecture Hall.  We are a huge group of grade 9 – 12’s who plan events and outreach that rock our school and our community.
Some of our great activities…International Foods Day, Christmas Angel Campaign, Pancake Breakfast, Valentine’s Day Outreach, and Anti-Bullying Days!  Everyone’s invited.  No one gets turned away!

Mock Trial

Mrs. Obrovac
& Mr. Canham

Offers gr.11 & gr.12 students the opportunity to prepare and argue a fictional criminal case from the position of the Crown Attorney & Defense Attorney.
Students compete in a Mock Trial competition against HCDSB high schools with the possibility of advancing to a Regional competition.

Model UN

Mrs. Obrovac
& Mr. Ferguson

Offers gr.10 to gr. 12 students the chance to compete as Delegates in a variety of Model UN [MUN] symposiums. Students have the opportunity to research and learn about their Delegation or Council, network with fellow MUN delegates and navigate through the working of the United Nations in a fun and
inclusive environment.

Peer Tutors (L2L)

Mrs. Sneyd

Licensed to Learn (L2L) is dedicated to boosting student success through personalized peer tutoring within the school community. Programming is provided at no cost to families, and is proven to benefit youth by improving academic success among those being tutored. L2L fosters the development of leadership skills among Tutors (Grade 11 & 12 students), and thereby nurtures positive relationships that make up a vibrant and inclusive school community.


Mrs. Sneyd /
Mrs. Barros

The Prefect program is a leadership development program for grade 11 and 12 students.  Prefects develop their leadership skills by mentoring incoming grade 9 students, both by modeling Christian citizenship on a daily basis and by leading their grade 9 groups in “house meetings” throughout the school year. 


Mrs. Cirone,
Mrs. Elzebiak, Mrs. Hughes

ND’s Reach team is open to students from grade 9 to 12.  Reach teams represent their schools in a fast-paced quiz challenge testing both their knowledge and speed of recall.
School Reach teams build their skills within their high school reach clubs using School Reach game packs. Each team is then invited to compete at the regional or league levels with other schools in their surrounding area.  We invite all students to join! 

School Play

Ms. Paradis

Every year Notre Dame students work exceptionally hard to bring the stage to life. They have tackled comedies, mysteries, musicals and even dramas. The play is a chance for students to showcase their talents, develop skills, and walk away with a sense of even greater Notre Dame community through the theatre experience.

Social Justice

Mr Martorelli
/ Ms. Acacio

The Social Justice Club is a progressive group for learning and acting on social issues, particularly those affecting the more
vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and communities of our world. We encourage awareness on issues such as environmental initiatives, women’s rights and equality, inclusivity of minority groups, mental health awareness, and poverty, and hope to inspire students to be active members of the community


Mr. Mikitzel,
Ms. Kerwin, Mr. Nason,
Mr. Giusti, Mr. Bozzelli

The STEAM club at Notre Dame is a team of students from all backgrounds and disciplines that will use science, technology, design, and related skills to help our community. We meet every Wednesday as an entire club and branch out into sub-groups for subject specific projects. We will also be leaders in our school communities by engaging with our Family of Schools.

Student Council

Mme. Tayler, Mme. Tambasco,
Mr. Giardina

 Notre Dame’s Student Council will help share the ideas, interests and concerns of the students with with teachers and school administration. Student Council will also help organize school events and community projects, as well as raise funds in order to help people in need.